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Water Damage Sunnyvale CA

Fire, Mold , Biohazard Restoration

If you are looking for water damage restorations services in Sunnyvale, then you have come to the right place. We offer these quality services for people in this area.

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What do you do when your home or business is flooded with water?

You need to remove the water and salvage the items in the room or building. The longer you put this off, the more likely your items will get irreparably damaged.

The smart move is to call us. As water restoration experts, we will help you save your home or business from further water damage.

Give us a call as we can of great help in cases like this.

Flood Restoration

Whenever a building or room suffers from water damage, the water could have originated from any of these three sources.

  • Clean water: This comes from taps
  • Grey water: This is water that is soapy or has been used. It includes toilet water from the bowl that has urine or soapy water from your dishwasher
  • Unsanitary water: This is unclean water. Sewage, flood water and Water from the toilet bowl that has fecal matter are some examples.

Before we can start the water restoration exercise, we must identify the source of your water damage. While clean water can be easy to remove, it could turn unsanitary if it is left stagnant for long. The same applies to grey water. On the other hand, unsanitary water exposes you, your family or employees and customers to disease-carrying pathogens.

Why Get Water and Fire Damage Restoration

If your building has water damage, everyone in the environment is exposed to angers and health hazards. You need to get help immediately in order to avoid:

Contracting diseases from unsanitary and stagnant grey or clean water


Slip and fall accidents

Damage to your belongings

Water Damage Restoration Steps

Once you get in touch with us, we take the following steps to ensure that your home or business is restored to safe and sanitary conditions:

  • Emergency Services

Once you contact us. We first get emergency information such as:

  • Your name and address
  • The location of your building
  • The source of water damage, if it is known
  • Availability of electricity on site

With this information, we can proceed to your site.

  • Inspection and Assessment

In order for us to give you a comprehensive quote, we first need to assess the extent of damage in your home or business. To do this, we visit the site and carry out an inspection. Through this, we can be able to identify the type of water causing the damage as well as the type of surfaces and materials that have been affected. Additionally, we are able to determine the extent of damage. This informs us on the type of water removal, cleaning and restoration steps that we need to take. It also helps us to determine how long the restoration process will take.

After we are done with the inspection and assessment, we provide you with an obligation-free estimate. With this information, you can determine whether or not you would like to contract us for the damage restoration services in your Sunnyvale home or business.

  • Water Removal

The next step is water removal. With water damage, you will likely have stagnant pools of water in your room or building. To remove this water, we use towels, pumps and vacuums depending on the amount of water. We need to first get rid of the standing water before we can rid your place of the accompanying moisture.

At this stage, we also employ infrared scanners to identify any water that might be trapped between your walls. We are thorough and leave no stone unturned.

  • Dehumidifying and Drying

This step involves the use of dehumidifiers in order to clear your place of any residual moisture.

When you suffer from water damage, the water seeps into surfaces such as dry wall, wallpapers, basements and carpets. Once stagnant water is removed, we still need to get rid of this absorbed water. To do this, we set up a dehumidifier at the optimum temperature to ensure that your building is dry in the shortest time possible.

Some people try to crank up the dehumidifier to the highest temperature to speed up the drying process. We advise against this as it is not always the solution. Rest assured that we set the devices at the optimum level required to speed up drying while preserving you room and belongings.

  • Cleaning and Sanitizing

The next step is to clean and sanitize your place. This includes furniture, carpets and every other affected surface. Water damage caused by grey or unsanitary water can invite disease-carrying pathogens. It is important to clean and sanitize to eliminate the chances of contracting a disease from the affected surfaces or items long after the restoration process.

  • Repairs and Restoration

The last step is to repair and restore damaged items. This includes: carpets, furniture and drywall. We try as much as we can to preserve everything you already own through cleaning and repairs. However, you would need to replace the items that are damaged beyond repair.

Mold Removal

Now that you know our water damage restoration process, why should you choose us? We are a step above other restoration experts because we are:

Why Choose Us?


Each member of our team has been highly trained and vetted. We always ensure that you have access to the best restoration experts and technicians. Rest assured that your place is in good hands and that you will soon be able to move back into your home or place of business.

Trustworthy in Pricing

Once we give you an estimate, there are no hidden charges. You are assured that we will not spring up more charges during the process or after the wok has been completed.

Always available

When you are in need of restoration experts, we are always available. Our representatives will respond immediately to ensure that your needs are catered for.

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If you are in need of water damage restoration services in Sunnyvale, get in touch with us today.

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